Interview with Eva Fydrych, Part 3 of 4

What designer or designers would you like to work for in the future, with whom you didn’t have a chance to yet?

I would like to work with some contemporary Japanese designers as I find their
work very creative and unique. I have just seen an amazing Japan Fashion Now exhibition in New York and it made me think about visiting Tokyo later on this year.

Do you travel a lot in your profession?

Yes, I do travel a lot both for modelling jobs and for pleasure. I don’t like
staying in one place for too long, so whenever there is an opportunity to
travel, I go for it!

What were some of your favorite places you had a chance to visit as a
result of your work?

Singapore, Hong Kong, Cebu & Mactan Island in Philippines, Phuket in Thailand.

What was your favorite look you presented on the runway or piece you were?

One of my favourite looks was for Mouille Beachwear during Wimbledon Fashion
Week in London. I also enjoyed the Mediacorp Bridal Show in Singapore. Probably
because swimwear and bridal shows don’t happen too often, so it was nice to do
something different.

Last week I had an Asian bridal photoshoot where I was wearing a traditional
colorful outfit with beautiful Indian jewellery.

What is your best advice for anyone, who is interested in pursuing
modeling as their career?

Be persistent and know what you want. Set clear goals for yourself. Believe in
what you do and be confident.

What is your fashion style, can you describe what you enjoy wearing?

My style is quite feminine. I love high heels, dresses and bold statement

I don’t like being dressed like everyone else, although I do shop in high-street
stores like H&M, Topshop or Zara. I try to combine their clothes with some
unique pieces that I buy while I travel. My favourite clothes come from
Shanghai, Cebu, Singapore, Bergamo (Italy). Wherever I go, I always search for
some interesting local designers and small boutiques that sell unique items
impossible to buy in other places.

Who is your favorite designer or designers?

I admire designers who have very distinctive personal style and aren’t afraid to
be different: Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix, Issey
Miyake, Jimmy Choo.
I also like Italian designers a lot: Moschino, Cavalli, Prada.

Do you have any other passions or talents besides modeling?

Travelling, dancing, cinema, photography… I used to play the piano for 8

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