Raden Sirait at Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival 2012

Raden Sirait opened a fashion show series at Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival with the design concept of the kebaya (a traditional blouse-dress in Indonesia), which upholds the beauty and elegance of Indonesian culture. The theme was named “Endless Grateful, No End Happiness. Ode and Elegy for the Lord of the Universe”. Raden Sirait gave thanks for his achievement in the fashion industry by presenting an extravagant and theatrical show. Kebaya was not only beautiful, but also a diverse collection of hot evening gowns, which embraced the body of the woman. Raden Sirait presented 80 pieces of his work at Harris Hotel Ballroom, Palm d’Ivoire in Jakarta. It adorned kaftan dresses that hanged wide, mini batik dress, aristocratic ball gown, and a dress made from synthetic leather. Long flowing robes were cladded with beautiful stone details. There was also a combination of batik kebaya dress adorned with sequins. Regarding the concept of fashion, Raden Sirait said that this dress was inspired by the theme of Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival. The designer used fabrics that were mostly from Indonesia, such as songket (hand-woven in silk or cotton), batik and fabrics from Lampung and Palembang. Raden Sirait chose colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet for his collection.

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