ABO & Ana Ljubinković Oxford Shoes

Serbian gifted designer Iva Ljubinković graduated from architecture at the University of Belgrade in 2009. Two years later, she participated in a doctorate studies in art at the same university. Iva Ljubinković, an interior, furniture and a fashion designer, exhibited her work at the Salon of Architecture in Belgrade in 2008, 2009 and 2011 and showcased in many prestigious architectural competitions. The most recent accomplishments of Iva were creating the interiors for boutiques: “Peekaboo” in 2007 and “Remake of Ana Ljubinković” in 2010. Her designs always radiate a positive attitude blended with soft and delicate colors. Iva’s style intertwines with her sister’s style who is also a fashion designer Ana Ljubinković, but differs in temperament.This summer, Iva Ljubinković launched a fun and edgy footwear line named ABO, which sold out instantaneously. Just a short while ago, the designer unveiled the 4th addition of handcrafted ABO & Ana Ljubinković shoes. The collection includes oxfords in gold, bronze beige, gray, black-gold, pastel and blue colors and ankle booties in gray. Some of the ABO & Ana Ljubinković shoes are embellished with metallic elements. These trendy and chic oxfords are available for purchase in Ana Ljubinković boutique located at the Belgrade Design District, Serbia.

Gosia Baczyńska Spring/Summer 2015

Polish designer Gosia Baczyńska launched her company in 1997. The designer doesn’t draw, so she works directly with the fabrics. The latest collection “Black Spring” originated from the designer’s fascination with Henry Miller’s 11 Commandments. Gosia Baczyńska introduced the context of artistic Bohemia from the 1930s. She kept a playful mood on the runway. Gosia Baczyńska selected her favorite phrases from Miller’s text, such as: “Keep human! Go places, see people, drink if you feel like it” and “Don’t be a draught-horse. Work with pleasure only”, which she transferred onto blouses, skirts, dresses and shoes. They became a statement element in the designs. Gosia Baczyńska composed 3D experimental pleats sculpted or cut by a laser, prints reminiscent of typesetting, laces covered with foil and flock patterns, and jacquard knits. Most of the frocks stayed knee or midi length. Black, navy blue, pink, blue, white and mint-green were the main colors in the lineup. The rings were adorned with a typesetting motive and contained an encrypted message. Gosia Baczyńska debuted with her own shoes (sandals), where the same prints seen on the clothes appeared on leather and on the upper parts of vinyl. The box-shaped heels were wrapped in a printed leather with the typesetting motive. The shoes were created with the collaboration of Nunc. The collection presented exuberant, original and feminine garments.

FACTOTUM Spring/Summer 2015

FACTOTUM Spring/Summer 2015Japanese label Factotum unveiled a new collection “Various Life” at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. This season was inspired by Roy Andersson’s movie A Swedish Love Story. There were slim pants, textured knit sweaters, T-shirts with messages like “Hope and Despair”, buttoned shirts, coats, drawstring-waist pants, sweatpants, striped jackets, leather jackets and etc. The color scheme ranged from pale tones to vivid colors, which ended with black shades. The layering was articulated as the key component on the runway. Koji Udo, the designer of Factotum, aimed to give an expression to each wearer’s identity through his creations.

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