Interview with Eva Fydrych, Part 2 of 4

Where and Who discovered you?

I was approached at Southbank by a scout from a small local agency in London. I
decided to give modelling a try and started sending pictures to some of the bigger agencies. My first contract was with Mission Models. I’m very grateful to Mr Robert
Barbieri for all the advice and coaching he gave me in the beginning.

How long have you been working in the fashion industry?

I have been in the fashion industry for quite a while now. Working in fashion
retail – for Mimi, Camaieu and an Italian designer Pamela, styling, modelling
and just recently – getting involved in a fashion photography.

What is your favorite part about being a model?

There are so many positive sides of this job… I enjoy wearing designer clothes
that I wouldn’t normally have a chance to wear, and having my hair and makeup
done for the fashion shows. I like the process of creating images – it’s usually
a team effort and it’s so interesting to see it happening step by step from just
a simple idea to the finished product.

I love meeting lots of new people every time and having a lot of travelling
opportunities. It’s a very creative job that gives a lot of satisfaction.

What is the hardest part about being a model?

I guess competition and being rejected are the hardest parts, especially in the
beginning. But after a while in the business, you realize that it’s just a part
of the game and your skin gets thicker.

What are the highlights, so far in your fashion career?

Being chosen as Top 18 in a World Supermodel Pageant in Australia last year,
working with Michael Gleissner in Bigfoot Studios in Philippines, appearing in a
Scene Magazine editorial in Singapore, photoshoot for iNuovi Cosmetics, having
two photography exhibitions in Poland showcasing my modeling work from Asia…

What designers did you work for on the catwalk or photoshoots?

The list is quite long… Let me mention just some of them: Harold
Bernard, Sandra Bamminger (House of Boeing), Antiform Industries, Mary
Ratcliffe, Nathalie Agnus, Mouille Beachwear (Sarah Turner), Fee Gee (Nancy
Dee), Kana Shiroyama, Lina – a very talented young designer from
Singapore, Rachel S.Lutz, Joy Couture, Vansheek and Regalia

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